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Welcome to Santa Rosa Therapeutic Bodyworks, a diverse collective of independent bodywork practitioners. Our shared goal is to provide exceptional care. Your bodywork needs are unique as are the therapists in this space. Please take your time and get to know a little about us and the services we provide so you can find the perfect fit for your individual health and wellness needs.


“Having regular bodywork done is part of an overall wellness regime and the people at Santa Rosa Therapeutic Bodyworks not only know and understand this, but they genuinely excel at it. ”


“If you are looking for bodyworkers who really understand the body and can help you with nagging pains you have had for a while, Santa Rosa Therapeutic Bodyworks is the place.”


Meet Our Practitioners

Erik Sherwood
Erik SherwoodMassage Therapist
I treat every client as an individual, and make a conscious effort to meet each person where they are at without assumption. I draw from a decade of experience as a massage therapist and personal trainer and I believe that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself when given the right environment and circumstances. I use many different “tools” when working with my clients including myofascial release, therapeutic massage, cupping therapy, corrective exercise, postural training, functional movement and breath work to support the body in both an “active” and “passive” context.

My approach is most appropriate for someone who is ready to take responsibility for their health and well being and do the inner work necessary to create an environment in which their body and mind can thrive.

Indira Kuckreja
Indira KuckrejaOrthopedic Manual Therapist
Orthopedic Manual Therapy is the terminology I use to describe several modalities I use in any given session. I approach each of my clients as a whole person. Through a comprehensive intake, I use diagnostics like x-rays, MRIs, doctor’s reports along with lifestyle; personal history, exercise frequency, nutrition, work and family situation to build the best treatment plan possible. In addition, I provide homework, feedback, and regular communication to track how the treatment is landing in the body and what needs to be addressed during each session.

In this way, I look at the whole person and all the systems in the body for function. I have an excellent referral network of doctors and specialists who can treat conditions that fall outside of my scope of practice. Ultimately, I am a collaborator in the health of my clients. My goal is to make myself obsolete (except for maintenance sessions) and empower each client to find their way into what their body needs at any given time.

To me, this is optimal health – a relationship with your body that feels authentic, kind, supportive and empowering.

Milla Veretilnyk
Milla VeretilnykCertified Massage Therapist
I started my training in Ukraine at the Institute of Human Development “Ukraina” as a physical therapy student. I finished my education at the National University of Drahomanov and got a Bachelor degree in Human health and Physical Rehabilitation. The knowledge and principles, that I learned during my studying, I bring into my practice. Later I continued taking massage courses from progressive massage teachers: Hemo-lymphodrainage, neurosedant and chiro massages from “Inmaster – Istitut de Terapies Manuals”; Myofascial release from John Barnes, Phenomenal touch massage from Cedar Johnson, a student of Leslie Bruder; Touch for Health from International Kinesiology College. Various advances techniques and approaches are combined with classical Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massages to accommodate each clients needs. In my sessions I am also using cupping and trigger point work.

believe that health is a balance and the ability to adopt in any situation. And I strive to help my clients to get their balance. I believe that by making healthy choices every day, we get closer to an absolute health. When we are balanced and healthy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, we can be happy and serve our goals and purpose. I want to see happy people around me!

Dawn Tebbe
Dawn TebbeCertified Massage Therapist
I believe EVERY BODY is unique and beautiful!

As a Certified Massage Therapist, trained and proficient in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Lymphatic, Myofascial Release, Aromatouch Technique, and Shiatsu I’m here for your health and wellness. My therapeutic experience at chiropractors combined with my healing intuition and my core belief in our bodies innate healing abilities allows me to provide you with the ultimate guest experience. I will listen to your needs and wants in combination with the unspoken communication of body and spirit. I believe through awareness of our bodies needs and our natural ability to heal, we can each achieve our own individual vision of ultimate health. I believe we are all a part of one community, here to use our energy to lift each other up with light and love.

Allison Wargo
Allison WargoCertified Massage Therapist
Being a massage therapist is something I take pride in. Supporting my clients in a safe environment where they can relax and I can help ease their pain is one of my biggest goals. I love formulating strong connections with clients so we can continuously work together and make a plan on what steps and actions to take to better heal their bodies. It makes me happy knowing I can bring smiles to people’s days in a world where life can feel so hectic and scary at times. I value the trust of my clients more than anything and want to make sure my communication is always clear and kind.

“Simply an amazing experience. Very comfortable environment. They take great care of their clients. Highly recommended!”

“Just a wonderful place to be a client. All the folks at Santa Rosa Therapeutic Bodyworks are genuinely friendly and decent folks, with exceptional experience and training. My improved results from an injured shoulder have been just phenomenal, such a positive impact to my fitness and well-being.”

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